Our Mission

The goal of this community aims to help every man understand that he is, first and foremost, a beloved son of God the Father. Unfortunately, in today's society there exists a crisis of masculine identity. Men, therefore, lose their call to devote their lives to the pursuit of, service to, and defense of the Love from which they have been created.  In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, this community aims to help every man know and accept this love by inviting him into a prayerful understanding of our loving Father, and thus, empowering him to experience the transformative power of living his true identity as a beloved son of God the Father.

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Our Core Values & Logo

His Beloved Son has four core values at its foundation: strength, sacrifice, courage, and purity.  Without developing and living these values, no man can come to know and experience the power of living his full identity as a beloved son of God the Father.  The four images on our logo represent each of these values.  The overall design of the logo itself evokes the image of the Blessed Sacrament, thus reminding every man that the source and summit of his masculinity is found in the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ.




To truly live as a beloved son of God, every man must be strong in order to face the challenges he will inevitably face. Yes, a man may possess physical strength, but more importantly, a man must develop, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, emotional and spiritual strength in order to fully serve those whom he is called to serve.



Every man who desires to live virtuously must develop the self-sacrificial qualities of Jesus Christ. Each man must be prepared to make real sacrifices, including laying down his very life, for the sake of his wife and family, his parish congregation, or those whom he serves in the single life.



Courage of heart, mind, and body are only three types of courage it takes to live as a beloved son of God in today’s society. Most importantly, a man must possess the courage to face those things inside himself which prevent him from fully living his true identity.



Unlike what society may teach, each man must develop purity of body, mind, and heart. It is difficult to live as a son of God if a man is attached, or even addicted to, a disordered use of people, words, or things. Fortunately, just as fire purifies gold, every man can hold another man accountable in order to sharpen each other’s souls as weapons for God the Father.