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The Will of a Loving Father

Just like how this set up for your child’s life is limiting and lacking much freedom, we have to imagine our relationship with our loving Father. He doesn’t impose His Will on us, but rather invites us into His Life - and He gives us Grace sufficient to live. It’s in this way that we can understand why God doesn’t reveal all of this to us at once, and why He doesn’t force us into it.  

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Are You Listening?

The problem today is not that some people are hearing the voice of God, but that most people aren’t. Unfortunately, while we continue down the road of “progress”, many of us--especially us men who are being looked to to step forward and lead by giving our lives away in unselfish love--choose not to spend time even trying to place ourselves in an environment where we give the Father the opportunity to speak to us and form our hearts. Perhaps the greatest crisis in our culture and in our own inability to become the men we have been made to be is that we do not take prayer seriously, and we do not seriously pray.

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"Nothing if not You, Lord"

Now I want to be clear. I am not condemning being a good father or husband. Nor am I suggesting you should never find rest. It’s important to be aware that what will bring us true joy and lasting happiness is our relationship with God here on earth, and God willing, with Him forever in Heaven. It seems like St. Thomas understood this truth with his request of Our Lord. As a Doctor of the Church and a canonized saint, it is obvious that St. Thomas lived this out. But what about us? How can we discover this?

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