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Three Lessons You Can Learn From St. Joseph

Even though there is not much in the Canon of Scripture that details the events of Joseph’s life, we can be assured that he was a man of deep prayer based on the little we do know of his life. We can assume from the unique mission he was selected for in caring and providing for Our Mother and Christ, the appearances of angels and the words spoken to him in dreams, are all evidence for a life of prayer that is consistent, constant, and centered on God the Father.

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Identity in "A Quiet Place"

If you’re experiencing doubts in the love that God the Father has for you, gaze upon the Crucifix with fresh eyes. Imagine Jesus on the cross looking at you straight in the eyes and saying the words that John Krasinski signed with such passion, “I love you. I have always loved you”. Try to imagine (because it is true!) that God the Father is offering His only Son, for only you.

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Scars are Sexy

These wounds occur when we wage the battle for purity, the battle for holiness, and win. It’s only through the Grace of God and our cooperation with that Grace that we are able to be victorious. But in waging these battles and in holding the line, not only do we come out stronger, but we act in accord to our nature as men.

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