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Loving the Unlovable

We call this orthodoxy. But, and I want to be very plain, orthodoxy is not enough. Orthodoxy without charity (that is--Real Love) is not Christianity. In other words, we must have, dear brothers, a strong, dare I say it, heroic faith in our day. But true faith, otherwise often seen as “orthodoxy” is not enough. It must be faith joined with total and completely unselflish charity. And that, my brothers, heroic faith coupled with uncompromising love, that is what will convert (and I hope you agree with me) lukewarmness, compromise, and indifference--first and foremost our own. That is what will convict, transform, and heal our sinful, prideful, stubborn, rebellious, and wounded hearts. That is what will win over and re-evangelize a paganized and increasingly secular America.

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Dear Son: A Father's Letter

(Written by Jerry Tujague, a guest contributor, friend of the blog, and all-around amazing man.)

Your life is just beginning.  One day you might want to be a dad.  Although I tried to be the best dad that I could be, I hope you are a better dad than me.  It hurts my heart to know that there were probably times that you felt like I didn’t love you enough, that you felt misunderstood, that I was unjust or just not paying attention. 

Will you please forgive me for that?

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Three Lessons You Can Learn From St. Joseph

Even though there is not much in the Canon of Scripture that details the events of Joseph’s life, we can be assured that he was a man of deep prayer based on the little we do know of his life. We can assume from the unique mission he was selected for in caring and providing for Our Mother and Christ, the appearances of angels and the words spoken to him in dreams, are all evidence for a life of prayer that is consistent, constant, and centered on God the Father.

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Fear is Love's Enemy...5 Steps to Banish It! (Part I of II)

“Fear, in all of its forms, is a liar. It does not lead to the abundant life for which we have been made and redeemed by Christ to share in...! The voice of fear and the voice of Truth are irreconcilable. Fear never comes from God and its voice leads only to doubt, division, indifference, and insecurity which brings with it a desire for control, self-reliance, and the compartmentalization of our lives…” –Ven. Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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