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The Will of a Loving Father

Just like how this set up for your child’s life is limiting and lacking much freedom, we have to imagine our relationship with our loving Father. He doesn’t impose His Will on us, but rather invites us into His Life - and He gives us Grace sufficient to live. It’s in this way that we can understand why God doesn’t reveal all of this to us at once, and why He doesn’t force us into it.  

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Three Lessons You Can Learn From St. Joseph

Even though there is not much in the Canon of Scripture that details the events of Joseph’s life, we can be assured that he was a man of deep prayer based on the little we do know of his life. We can assume from the unique mission he was selected for in caring and providing for Our Mother and Christ, the appearances of angels and the words spoken to him in dreams, are all evidence for a life of prayer that is consistent, constant, and centered on God the Father.

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The Crisis of Identity in the Parable of the Prodigal Son

There is a certain jealousy, a jealousy that is rooted in the felt-neglect on the part of the father. Although the two sons appear to be entirely different in their relationship to their father, both are searching for the same thing. Each son longs for an understanding of who he is as the father’s beloved son.

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