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The Will of a Loving Father

Just like how this set up for your child’s life is limiting and lacking much freedom, we have to imagine our relationship with our loving Father. He doesn’t impose His Will on us, but rather invites us into His Life - and He gives us Grace sufficient to live. It’s in this way that we can understand why God doesn’t reveal all of this to us at once, and why He doesn’t force us into it.  

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Dear Son: A Father's Letter

(Written by Jerry Tujague, a guest contributor, friend of the blog, and all-around amazing man.)

Your life is just beginning.  One day you might want to be a dad.  Although I tried to be the best dad that I could be, I hope you are a better dad than me.  It hurts my heart to know that there were probably times that you felt like I didn’t love you enough, that you felt misunderstood, that I was unjust or just not paying attention. 

Will you please forgive me for that?

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