Scars are Sexy

I often think the imagery of men being knights, warriors, or whatever else, is old and antiquated. That was then, when we didn't have as civilized a society as we do now. Or, especially being Catholic, war is not a good thing and therefore aspirations of being a warrior seem contrary to belief. Well, what I've come to realize after going through battle this past weekend, that each of us men are called to be warriors.  

The battlefield is slightly different. The war is not waged with swords and shields, nor even guns and knives, instead it takes place in our soul. An intimate and ancient place. A place that has existed since God first desired you into existence. The battle is so ancient, that the weapons used don't have any resemblance to anything we know of today. But the wounds are real, the fight is true, and if we aren't careful, death is always a possibility.

This weekend, I struggled in a battle against my purity. All weekend long, I was tempted to act out. I was tempted and succeeded in seeking out things I know I shouldn't have sought out. Yet, each time, I retreated, remembering that what I was about to do was not worth it. What I was about to do would not bring me the true solace that I so longed for. It wouldn't even "get the monkey off my back" so to speak.

This weekend I realized that the imagery of a warrior is true. We as men are called, daily, and at all times, to guard our purity - regardless of if we are single, married, engaged, ordained, handicapped - whatever it is, we are all called to guard not only ourselves but everyone that God has entrusted to our care.

There are two kinds of wounds. There are those wounds that come about when we succumb to the temptations of sin. These wounds cut deep and leave visible wounds. They're reminders of the hurt we've caused our selves, they're reminders of our own mortality and frailty, and they're reminders of what could result from our sin - a death that cuts us off from God for eternity - the dread of the loss of Heaven. Through Confession, these wounds are healed, granted we make the necessary reparations. Yet, they still sting so long as we return to allow the knife to cut through yet again, or when we wallow over them.

But there is another kind of wound, and it leaves a scar that is truly sexy. These kinds of wounds are the reminders of battles waged and battles won. These are the scars we proudly display, these are the scars that we are willing to go back over. They've smoothed over since the battle. There is a remembrance of the pain during the battle, yet going over these scars bring no physical pain now.

These wounds occur when we wage the battle for purity, the battle for holiness, and win. It’s only through the Grace of God and our cooperation with that Grace that we are able to be victorious. But in waging these battles and in holding the line, not only do we come out stronger, but we act in accord to our nature as men.

While it doesn't always seem like this, especially in the thick of the battle, we're fighting this personal battle for purity, not just for ourselves, but for all the people that God has entrusted into our care. The devil will try to get you to let your guard down - to not live out your call to care for and protect. Adam, failed to SHAMAR in the garden and Eve was tempted. It is up to us men to wage this battle daily and know that the war is not over until we've completed our mission. But don't despair, God will give you all the grace necessary to endure this battle for His Glory.


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